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Helix Hearing Centers | Turkey

A short interview with Cihan Ceylan, audiometrist.

1. Why do you think Helix hearing centers attract too much attention?
It is because we have a widespread service and service network, right and educated colleagues, and above all we have a sense of service that makes each patient feel special.

2. What advantages do hearing-impaired people get in case they prefer Helix hearing centers?
They feel the enjoyment of hearing throughout their lives and having permanent solutions to their hearing problems through the hearing aids that have the latest technology & equipment. They also have an advantage of being taken care of by the audiologists & audiometrists who are professionalist in their fields.

3. Can you evaluate hearing awareness and hearing industry in Turkey as an experienced and young entrepreneur?
We are doing our utmost to provide our patients with better services by gaining various experiences during our professional life and we organize trainings, seminars and meetings to take our service quality to the higher levels. In fact, the goal for us and our competitors in the whole sector is to be educated and qualified people in accordance with ethics.
By taking the philosophy of ‘If every person sweeps the front of his/her own home, the world becomes paradise’ as a reference, we are taking firm steps forward to become the only address for quality service in the sector beginning to correct ourselves.

4. Can we know the advantages of working with EARTECHNIC?
We compare Ear Technic, we are a dealer of which, with the other companies in terms of employees, service quality and the hearing devices just as we investigate everything in detail to see how useful our colleagues are for us when we recruit them. 
I thank Ear Technic, which is good-humored, tolerant and honors us by putting our ideas into action. I also want to indicate that I am so happy to work with Eartechnic, which has around 400 dealers and exports to more than 40 countries.