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Hearing Aid Production

Hearing aid is a medical product made of a very high technology. It hosts different sectors.It is a result of four different main sectors that come together to assembly every single device:

  1. The software that regulates the level of audiology data;
  2. Acoustic insulated mold;
  3. Electronic robotic system, assembly, final test
  4. Quality Control

Each sector is industry branches that can work on their own and have large subdivisions. For the hearing industry to develop, the supplier industry must be strong and universities must be active.

Where does Ear Technic manufacture its hearing aids?

We are proudly manufacturing Hearing Aids in Turkey, a country which has no history of doing so, and that is quite a challenge that needed great courage and acquiring know-how to compeat in this market.

Ear Teachnic has been the first Turkish Company, since 2001, to produce hearing aids, so we had to put up reliant powerful technical team and an infrastructure to not only produce Hearing Aids, but also to improve and develop its own technology. Today, we are very proud to say that Ear Technic production is not only for Turkish market, but for Global market too. We are selling for up to 50 differents countries in the World.  Ear Teachnic diversified its lines of products, always developping them having in mind to offer quality, adressing differents levels of hearing losses, from mild to profound hearing loss, matching it with the right devices that from IIC device to high power devices. Ear Technic also has gained the best feedback and appreciation of hundreds of thousands happy custmers around the World.  

The presence of hearing aid production in this country makes important contributions to the development of a other supplier industries. Ear Technic having hearing aid production in Turkey and region offers an easier contribution on trainning of qualified staff and recruitment and as well as its help to the development of sectors such as electronics, communication, software, machinery, biomedical, mechatronics engineering. It is necessary to underline their contribution to the production and export of high value products.

Ear Technic knows its importance in giving the “high value added product” variety among export items, because it is aware that producing “high value added product” is extremelly important to the Turkish economy.

The words “hearing” and “device” come forward when explaining to the hearing aid. However, the product produced and used is a device beyond hearing and device. The product not only hears the sound, it shapes the sound according to the need, makes it comfortable and makes significant contributions to perception. It is more accurate to use the words “microcomputer” instead of device and “perception” instead of hearing. This product, which transmits the sound in the real sense, is a “micro sensing computer”.The production procedures of the product depend on norms, important technical infrastructure is needed for its production. Beyond being a mere industrial product, it needs researcheres and visionary team that knows people’s needs and empathizes with them.

It needs engineering studies that are aware of the capabilities and limits of electronics and push high these limits. Highly skilled engineering who can ensure the safety of the audio line and micro mold master is one of the biggest needs of this field. Furthermore, it needs acoustic information that can naturally extract and present the timbre and melodies of the sound transmission line. In addition, the manufactured product needs successful algorithms in Psychoacoustics that are compatible with the human body.