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Eartechnic, founded in 1972 in Kreuztal, has produced dozens of projects to make life easier for hearing impaired people. Eartechnic manufactured the first ”Reeltime analyzer” and the first combi-room audiometer which could perform detailed hearing tests in the analogue period when the hearing aid’s capability was low. Eartechnic has been manufacturing hearing aids under three brands – Earnet, Helix Hearing and Anaton – with the most modern technology since 2001. Eartechnic strives to provide the best product with the best service to the hearing problems with its business partners in more than 50 countries. The goal; to reduce the impact of the rapidly growing hearing problem and to make contribution to making people happier and more active in life. Ear technic, which carried out dozens of new projects will continue to offer better products and services working in a human-focused manner with its highly motivated employees.

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