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Çağdaş Hearing Center, An Established Company in Turkey

A short interview with Mutlu Karatekin, hearing specialist.

1. Can we know the secret that sustains your company for almost a quarter of a century?
Bearing the satisfaction of the users of hearing aids in mind always, following the sectoral developments closely, pretending we are in hearing-impaired users’ place, updating our knowledge and providing after sales services.

2. Could you evaluate the past and present situations of the hearing industry as one of the most experienced person?
When compared to the past, the physical environment required for implementation and sales is more qualified in line with the Ministry of Health criterion and the devices are manufactured with superior technology and have higher quality than the old ones. They all have increased the customer satisfaction.

3. With the increase of hearing problems, the number of hearing centers in the sector is also increasing. What do you recommend to new entrepreneurs?
What is important for a business is continuity. Profitability has the second priority. We encourage new entrepreneurs to act for this purpose.

4.What is your opinion about Ear Technic briefly?
In today’s world where international competition is escalating more and more day by day, the success Eartechnic reached in a short time by producing technology against the other producers which have extreme capital power and long history is praiseworthy. Besides, I believe that Eartechnic will grow day by day through the support and training it provides to its solution partners that deliver its technology to the end users.