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What Are The Priorities Of Ear Technic In Hearing Aid Production?

Ear Technic prioritizes people’s needs and pays great attention to their satisfaction when producing hearing aids, with another modern definition; micro sensing computers. It is a known fact that hearing and perception problems are increasing. Lifestyle and external factors put significant pressure on the hearing line. Emphasizing all these developments with precision, Ear Technic works with 5 ethical values in hearing aid production:

1- Using the best technology with the most modern methods and tools

Ear Technic develops products using modern methods.

2- Competent technology: Using scientifically proven technologies

Ear Technic uses technologies that offer scientific performance and compensate hearing loss.

3- Reliable technology: Using technologies that do not harm health

Ear Technic cares about the health of people who use technological products and does not manufacture harmful products.

If there is any doubt in the technology used, it is indicated on the box.

It does not approve the use of products such as Wireless and Bluetooth, unless necessary. 

4- Using technologies closest to nature

Ear Technic prioritizes the use of technologies with the best imitation ability and knows that human nature is created perfectly. No technology can perform the full function of the ear. This function can only be imitated.

5- Applying technologies that are easy to use and easy to understand

Ear Technic manufactures products and hearing aids that are easy to understand and easy to use.

There are many brands producing good quality hearing aids according to the European norms. The important feature that distinguishes Ear Technic products from other hearing aid brands is that, in addition to the 5 ethical values listed above, it focuses its strategy on human benefit and satisfaction. Ear Technic carries legal responsibilities as well as a conscientious responsibilities for the products manufactured. Even if justified in terms of law and norms; in situations that may cause conscientious discomfort, It gives priority to universal intelligence, conscience and truths for prevalence. Law and norms work through procedures made by people, and conscience precedes morality. It is not enough to manufacture a product with high quality, but also the quality of the benefit obtained from the product should be high. Many brands can produce quality products, but not all of them may prioritize human benefit. The hearing aid production process consists of different combinations. For example, components such as raw materials used in the outer cabins of the devices, colors, insulation tubes, metal components, mechanical components, sound converters, micro-chips; each of them makes quality compulsory in itself. Ear Technic uses the best raw material, best components and best micro-chips in the production of technical products. It never saves on quality. Those who use the product once, prefer it again. It is this strategy that is established and developed in the production process which makes it successful in the world.

The European norms are important production norms in hearing aid production. The law supporting these norms is also binding and contains penalties. However, ethical values, the subject of conscience, unfortunately, has no say! .. Law has lawyers, conscience has no lawyers. This issue is individual and can only be controlled individually. Product quality can be meaningful when it is proportional to benefit. Ear Technic; prefers products produced within the norm, law and conscience triangle. Ear Technic is based on these three basic principles; research, product development and market sales.